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Paypal dispute friends and family payment

magazinid.ru › Forums › Main Forums › Public Forum. Just so you all know; friends and family payments can be reversed. PayPal will not do it, however, if you dispute a friends and family charge.

Apr 5, PM I paypal dispute friends and family payment advice from an experienced seller, please!

Foes welcome paypal dispute friends and family payment, lol! NOW'S the time to give me that piece of your mind! I received a contact from a seller today who offered to sell me the matching base to the lamp shade which I purchased from link ebay store a month ago today.

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Apparently, she found the base under a cabinet, away from the attic where she'd originally discovered the shade which I bought from her on ebay.

Oooo, "on ebay", here comes the juicy part, right?

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At the time I https://magazinid.ru/and/paypal-friends-and-family-chargeback-seller.html the shade, I'd asked her to please "keep paypal dispute friends and family payment in mind" should she ever come across the base to it.

So, in essence, I invited her to sell me the base a month ago, as part of the associated transaction for the shade.

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I can be a very loyal customer, lol! I'm thinking, no store, makes sense. She tells me she closed her ebay store because she no longer retained sufficient inventory to make it profitable.

That also makes sense, but what do I know?

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Not enough! She said she contacted me through yahoo because her ebay archive won't work properly due to the closure of her store.

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Still sounds right I've messaged her today through both my Yahoo and the "contact seller" menu feature underneath my original transaction on the shade. That seemed to work fine; she's paypal dispute friends and family paypal dispute friends and family payment my contact using ebay's message system.

The concrete offer for the base originated in my yahoo mail account today.

Can a paypal friends and family payment be reclaimed?

Does this fact make it click the following article above-board, square deal that will not negatively impact her ebay buyer account?

She has offered several times today to buy the lamp shade back from me, in the event I do paypal dispute friends and family payment want to buy paypal dispute friends and family payment base from her.

Let me have it! Your advice, that is! AND the base, if I can get it!

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