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Argentum and coins

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Since then, Heritage has posted images of the One-Fifth Talent piece in their upcoming sale.

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Here are images of the two coins. The One Talent argentum and coins worn, perhaps from being a pocket piece.

Argentum and coins

That a universal monetary consider, bittrex tax forms remarkable, arrived argentum and coins by international agreement, would argentum and coins an immense boon to the commercial world is a matter which does not admit of argument.

The difficulty arises with the question, "What shall that standard be?

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And so the discord goes on and harmony seems impossible. But now arises a fourth party with a new idea, which he thinks will meet the acquiescence of all thoughtful men. It is a species of argentum and coins in the sense that it admits the use of both metals.

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But it has none of link dangers of a double standard which argentum and coins result from any attempt to fix arbitrarily the relative value of two metals whose relations to each other are ruled only by the ever shifting law of demand and supply.

Emil Greeff, an American citizen, born in Germany, but who has resided argentum and coins country since and is at present the senior member of a large firm whose interests are on both sides of the Atlantic, is the originator of this new idea.

Argentum and coins

Briefly put, he believes that continue reading union of gold and silver in a single coin argentum and coins a definite, unvarying proportion of weight and measure would solve the problem of argentum and coins common money argentum and coins or measure of value.

This coin could be used as a universal legal tender, with which all international debts could be liquidated. Greeff believes that all these excellent results could be achieved by an alloy containing one part gold to four parts silver.

Argentum NT price

Source universal legal tender unit would be a coin containing one-fifth of an ounce of gold and four-fifths of an ounce of silver.

This coin he calls tentatively a talent. The hundred multiple thereof he calls a great talent.

Argentum and coins

The legal tender qualification alone would certainly increase argentum and coins value of tho silver contained argentum and coins it. One pound sterling:, A coin could be struck to represent one fifth of a talent.

This would be used as the future trade dollar. It would be analogous to 4 shillings in English money, 4 marks in German money or 5 francs in French money.

Argentum and coins

In order to see exactly how a coin made of the proposed alloy would look, Mr. Greeff employed argentum and coins jeweler to make a one talent coin and a fifth of a talent coin.

He showed me the coins when I called upon him the other day.

Argentum Token

The first is a trifle smaller than a silver dollar, the other exactly argentum and coins size of a silver argentum and coins. The weight argentum and coins respectively one ounce and one-fifth of argentum and coins ounce.

Argentum and coins

The argentum and coins surplus is argentum and coins, to give the coin a better ring. Both coins have hemispheres engraved on either side, the obverse bearing the inscription, "Argentum Universale, ," the reverse, "United States of America," and "One Talent" and "One-Fifth of a Talent" respectively.

An internet search located a few references to Greeff. Perhaps more information will turn up.

Argentum and coins

Can readers locate more about him?

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