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Sapphire r9 290x tri x 4gb

sapphire r9 290x tri x 4gb4GB Bit GDDR5 路 Core Clock MHz 路 2 x DVI-D 1 x HDMI 1 x DisplayPort 路 Stream Processors 路 PCI Express Interface Type PCI Express 路 Max Resolution x 路 Max Monitors Supported 4 路 Interfaces 2 x DVI-D (dual link) HDMI DisplayPort 路 Graphics Engine.

Sapphire r9 290x tri x 4gb

The new Radeon R9 X Tri-X features the triple slot Tri-X cooler along with a factory overclock which delivers faster performance over reference variants. Sapphire r9 290x tri x 4gb clocks are maintained at MHz for the core and MHz effective clock for the memory.

Both cards share the sapphire r9 290x tri x 4gb Tri-X cooler sapphire r9 290x tri x 4gb features Sapphire's top of the line triple fan cooling design which was also featured on the Radeon R9 X and Radeon R9 X Toxic edition graphic cards.

Sapphire r9 290x tri x 4gb

This means that just click for source would be similar but since sapphire r9 290x tri x 4gb are looking at a improve cooler, overclocking would be slightly better on the Sapphire r9 290x tri x 4gb variant compared to reference models.

You can check out the following PCB shot which here courtesy of KitGuru who have also got a full review on the card.

290 vs 1060 Showdown - Sapphire Tri-X R9 290 vs MSI Gaming X GTX1060

The SAPPHIRE Tri-X cooler, first introduced on the R9 X TOXIC edition to great acclaim, uses three fans with dust repelling bearings and aerofoil section blades to deliver highly efficient airflow at low noise levels, and the fan cowling is designed to ensure the airflow sapphire r9 290x tri x 4gb routed across the hottest areas of the card.

Cooling is especially important in the R9 series because performance is capped by the system as the GPU temperature reaches higher sapphire r9 290x tri x 4gb.

Therefore, by providing better cooling, maximum performance levels can be raised.

Sapphire r9 290x tri x 4gb

Internal testing has shown the Tri-X cooler can achieve operating temperatures much lower than the reference design. It uses the PCI-Express 3.

Sapphire r9 290x tri x 4gb

A dedicated audio processor in the GPU enables the SAPPHIRE R9 series to deliver a richer and deeply immersive soundscape, including true to life echoes, convolution reverbs and incredibly realistic surround sound environments. Retail products will also include specially packaged models with a promotion for a free copy of the highly successful game, Battlefield 4.

Sapphire r9 290x tri x 4gb

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