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Posted Friday, October 30, pm Recently, the All Point Big bulletin live asked readers to submit six-word memoirs describing their lives since the beginning of the pandemic.

Here are some of their responses. Please continue to send in your memoirs to be published in upcoming issues of the newspaper. And my mother-in-law. Laura Sherret, St. Renee Coe, Point Roberts I wheeze, infected with pandemic loneliness.

Lyn Pyles, Point Roberts Beach walks, banter, bonding and bullseyes. big bulletin live

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We miss you. Tillamook Ice Cream. Miss you too. Friendly faces all. Really miss you. Have critters eaten up our cottage? Moss running away with the roof? The yardwork certainly off the rails.

Six-word Memoirs

One place. One love. Two countries. Looking forward to being together again. Todd Romer, Vancouver, B.

I survived quarantine, with my ex. Laura Swan, Saturna, B. Winter will be a breeze, honey.

Don Pinckston, Point Roberts He died. Manny Tovim, Vancouver, B.

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Pigs fly past Click here Justice Symposium.

Hope lost, world in death spiral.

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Margot Griffiths, Point Roberts Making the best of the situation Lola Vankirk, no address Discovery, awareness, contemplation, big bulletin live, adaptation, life. I am depressed.

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Lonnie Moore, no address Trying to keep head above water! Angie Deming Czesak, no address Lack of leadership makes me sad Rex Broward, no address Stress big bulletin live me big bulletin live and pant-less.

Maggie Maize, no address Movies, baking, knitting. Solitude is addictive.

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Nature blooms. Virus looms. Home alone. Ron Grender, Coquitlam, B. I pay taxes let me in.

Bulletin Boards

Anonymous, Canada Point Roberts, so close yet unreachable. Carol Johnson, Surrey Deflect, defer, deny, disavow, pay bill buy big bulletin live best, dissent.

Spandex prevents wardrobe overhaul 鈥攊nhale deeply. No sushi, no roast lamb, sigh. Madeleine Anderson, Point Roberts The big bulletin live came and we fled.


Susan Big bulletin live, Langley, B. What big bulletin live hell is going on? David Stumpo, Point Roberts Officers on both crossing are excellent. Tom retired mailman big bulletin live, Point Roberts Comments Please log in or register to add your comment Other items that may interest you.

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