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Satoshi tomiie 2019

satoshi tomiie 2019The best Satoshi Tomiie Live Sets to download from Soundcloud and Zippyshare​! Only the Satoshi Tomiie – Data Transmission Radio – Satoshi Tomiie is a Japanese DJ, record producer and musician. Since the late s, he has by adding encyclopedic content written from a neutral point of view. (December ) (Learn how and when to remove this template message)​.

This then led him to the earliest house sounds on tape.

Satoshi tomiie 2019

So, what laid the foundations growing up in Japan satoshi tomiie 2019 then New York from family and the wider community giving you the inspiration to pursue jazz, classical piano then dance music?

I think at the time I was probably more interested in wanting to play drums, so my satoshi tomiie 2019 brought me a piano instead haha.

Satoshi tomiie 2019

MM: So what was the first electronic track that you listened to that satoshi tomiie 2019 you sit up and want to learn more info to play?

Later on, I started looking for something more current I could satoshi tomiie 2019 into.

Satoshi tomiie 2019

I remember I was really interested in the fact that you could create satoshi tomiie 2019 instrument out of scratching records. I followed the scene up until the mids and watched the transition from just rap to the introduction of the satoshi tomiie 2019 the drum machines as hip-hop became more electronic and Satoshi tomiie 2019 satoshi tomiie 2019 satoshi tomiie 2019 interested in wanting to create hip-hop tracks myself.

So then when I was getting into the machine side of things one of my friends invited me over to his work place.


MM: So it grabbed you straight away? ST: Yes it did eventually.

Satoshi Tomiie - Data Transmission Radio (18.08.2019)

One of my friends at the time was working for a company in Tokyo and that company invited Frankie knuckles over and this is go here I met this amazing man, Satoshi tomiie 2019 was in my early 20s then.

At that time Frankie was taking the actual takes from the studio on reel-to-reel and playing them in the clubs.

Satoshi tomiie 2019

When I started listening to the UK imports we could hear the Detroit and Chicago https://magazinid.ru/2019/bitcoin-mining-in-hindi-2019.html but it was a whole new musical language.

MM: So you were making a name for yourself and you got satoshi tomiie 2019 to work with one of the biggest brands in dance music at the time Global Underground can you tell us about how that came to happen?

Satoshi tomiie 2019

I was especially influenced by watching David Morales because he played Chicago and Detroit sounds mixed with hip-hop and was exploring different sounds in electronic.

So my style of sound and playing was picked up on satoshi tomiie 2019 the UK and I was satoshi tomiie 2019 to come over did a huge bus tour where I played at Cream and numerous other venues and Newcastle.

Satoshi tomiie 2019

I actually played a lot of gigs in Newcastle and became good friends with the promoters who are cool people, and satoshi tomiie 2019 out that satoshi tomiie 2019 are really great producers as well so we started to exchange music and this is satoshi tomiie 2019 I was asked to be part of the Global Underground CD.

MM: Grab the opportunities when they arise?

Satoshi Tomiie – Industria Club, Porto – 12-Oct-2019

ST: Yes of course and I did. MM: So when you get the inspiration satoshi tomiie 2019 you hit the studio what satoshi tomiie 2019 next? ST: Satoshi tomiie 2019 actually got really bored of working with music in the box just working on a computer and I decided to work back with instruments and the machines again as I find it more creative.

Satoshi tomiie 2019

MM: So can satoshi tomiie 2019 just tell us then what platforms and hardware you use? MM: What are your thoughts on the impact of social media on the scene today?

Midi NYE 2020 with Satoshi Tomiie Live

ST: If you satoshi tomiie 2019 a real talent and if you have the passion then eventually you will get noticed, stick to what you really love! MM: Well you certainly https://magazinid.ru/2019/top-luxury-wallets-2019.html been inspired this year and been really busy in the studio?

My challenge at the moment is making grooves with the least amount satoshi tomiie 2019 elements and trying to make it more interesting.

Satoshi tomiie 2019

ST: It all good.

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